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Fall Challenge Cup Tournament

Waterloo - Nov 5-7, 2021

All pictures were taken at the 3 rinks at RIM Park to allow for coverage of more teams throughout the day.  While it was not possible to cover all games, I hope that many players and parents enjoy the photos I was able to capture.  This is great hockey, and I am very happy I am able to create lasting memories for the players and their families.

There is a gallery for each age group, and within the gallery the pictures are sorted by day.  Photos are ordered from the first pictures taken during the day to the last.  They are not sorted by teams/games, as the effort required for that organization was too much. I do apologize in advance for the extra time required for finding your team's photos.

Create favorite lists by clicking on the "heart" by the picture, and enter an email address to associate the list with.  All favorites for a gallery can be viewed by clicking the heart at the top right of the gallery.  

To purchase, add photos to the cart and payments can be made via "Offline" e-transfer, or via PayPal/Credit card.     

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