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Photos above by Cristy Becker of CL Becker Photography

As a former competitive athlete and current "weekend warrior" playing basketball, I have always loved playing and watching sports.  From elation to heartbreak and everywhere in between, players and spectators ride the roller coaster of emotions, during and after competition.  I have always wanted to capture the photos that can make people who weren't in attendance feel the same as those that were there - to share in the experience.

My goal is to capture those Sports Illustrated cover-perfect moments for athletes or their parents.  No matter the age of the athlete, it is fun to have a picture that shows a person doing something they love.

I have played sports my entire life and still play basketball today.

I have coached basketball and soccer over the years, but now that my daughter is older, those days may be over. 


I have always loved watching sports and cheering on my little brother as he lived his dream in the NFL for 16 years.

I loved those precious moments of being a mom that seem to have flown by and I always look for ways to capture and save those memories for myself and others.

I love twizzlers.  I will usually have some hidden in camera bag or fishing bag, or car for long rides. 


I love fishing with my husband, whenever we are not driving our children to the gym, a hockey arena or riding stables.  I get to practice taking nature photos whenever the fish aren’t biting. 


Oh, and pizza – I love pizza.

This was taken a the end of a 5 day ringette tournament where I shot games for SeeWhatSheCanDo.  We had a great time and took thousands of photos.

This is me taking a shot during the KW Titans basketball game where I sometimes provide pictures to 519SportsOnline as part of their local coverage of sports.

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