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About Michelle

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As a former competitive athlete, I have always loved playing and watching sports.  From elation to heartbreak and everywhere in between, players and spectators ride the roller coaster of emotions, during and after competition.  I want to capture the photos that can make people who weren't in attendance feel the same as those that were there - to share in the experience.

My goal is to capture those Sports Illustrated cover-perfect moments for athletes or their parents.  No matter the age of the athlete, it is fun to have a picture that shows a person doing something they love.

I have played sports my entire life and still played basketball up until Covid 19 shut things down. But now I have a pup to chase after, so my playing days may be over (not sure I could run the court for an hour again anyway).

I have coached basketball and soccer over the years, but now that my daughter is older, those days are over. 


I have always loved watching sports and cheering on my little brother as he lived his dream in the NFL for 16 years.

I loved those precious moments of being a mom that seem to have flown by and I always look for ways to capture and save those memories for myself and others.

I have always loved nature, but now I am obsessed with hiking the local trails, and sitting on the banks of the river or ponds waiting for wildlife - another favorite subject for my lens

I love Twizzlers.  I will usually have some hidden in camera bag or fishing bag, or car for long rides.  


I love fishing with my husband, but,  I will still keep the camera on the boat for those times the fish aren't biting.  I love shooting wildlife and sitting in nature.


Oh, and pizza – I love pizza.


This was taken at the end of a 5 day ringette tournament where I shot games for SeeWhatSheCanDo.  We had a great time and took thousands of photos.

This is me taking a shot during the KW Titans basketball game where I sometimes provide pictures to 519SportsOnline as part of their local coverage of sports.

Photos above by Cristy Becker of CL Becker Photography

Go to my business page at SeeWhatSheCanDo to read more about my journey into photography and more...

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